The family of Arnold is of great antiquity, having its origin among the ancient princes of Wales. According to a pedigree recorded in the College of Arms, they trace from Ynir, King of Gwentland, who flourished about the middle of the twelfth century, and who was descended from Ynir, the second son of Cadwaladr, king of the Britons. This Calwaladr built Abergavenny in county Monmouth, and its castle, afterwards rebuilt by Hamlet ap Hamlet, ap Sir Druce of Balladon, in France, and potions of the walls still remain.

The coat of arms of the family is: Gules a chevron, ermine between three pheons or. Crest: A lion rampant gules holding in his paws a lozenge or. Motto: Mihi Gloria Cessum.

  1. Ynir, King of Gwentland, married Nesta, daughter of Jestin ap Gurgan, king of Glamorgan.
  2. Meiric succeeded his father and married Eleanor, daughter of Ednived ap Jerworth of the house of Trevor.
  3. Ynir Vichan was also king of Gwent and married Gladice, daughter ot Rhys Goch ap Maenerich, Lord of Ystradyw, in Breckonshire.
  4. Carador ap Ynir Vichan, Lord of Gwent, married Nesta, daughter and heir of Sir Rydereck le Gors, Knight.
  5. Dyfnwall ap Carador, Lord of Gwent, marrie Joyes, daughter of Hamlet ap Sir Druce, Duke of Balladon, in France. Her brother Hamlet rebuilt the castle of Abergavenny, above mentioned.
  6. Systyl ap Cyfnwall, Lord of Upper Gwent, married Annest, daughter and heir of Sir Peter Russell, Knight, Lord of Kentchurch, county Hereford.
  7. Arthur ap Syssylth married Jane, daughter of Lein ap Moreidhec, Lord of Cantrsblyn.
  8. Meiric ap Arthur married Annest, daughter of Cradock ap Einon ap Golhroyn.
  9. Qwillim ap Meiric, Esq., married Jane, daughter and co-heir of Ivor ap Syssylth, Lord of Lyhs Taly-bont.
  10. Arnholt ap Qwillim, of Meiric, Esq., married Janet, daughter of Phillip Fleming, Esq.
  11. Arnholt ap Arnholt Vychan, Esq., married Sybil, daughter of Madoc ap Einon ap Thomas.
  12. Roger Arnold, of Llanthony in Monmouthsire, was the first of the family to adopt a surname. He married Joan, daughter of Sir Thomas Gamage, Knight, Lord of Coytey.
  13. Thomas Arnold, Esq., succeeded to Llanthony and other estates in Monmouthshire. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir Richard Warnestead, Knight. Children: 1. John, of Hinghan and Over; died Sept. 15, 1545. 2. Richard, mentioned below.
  14. Richard Arnold, removwd to Somersetshire in the parish of Street. He married Emmote, daughter and heir of Pearce Young, of Damerham, Wiltshire.
  15. Richard (2), eldest son of and heir of Richard Arnold, removed to Dorsetshire, and was seated at Bagbere, in the parish of Middleton, otherwise Milton Abbas. He was Lord of the Manor of Bagbere and had estates at Alton Pancras, Buckland Newton, cheselbourne, Melcombe Horsey, and other places in that county. He was also the patron of the churches of Blandford and of Bingham, Melcombe. His manor house at Bagbere was standing until 1870, when it was demolished and a farmhouse erected on the site. A small part of the ancient building is incorporated in the new house. His will was dated May 15, 1593, proved July 9, 1595. He desires to be buried "in the Parishe Churche of Milton in the Ile called Jesus Ile as we goe to the Tower." He married twice.
  16. Thomas Arnold, second son of Richard Arnold, is mentioned in his father's will. He resided some time at melcombe Horsey, and removed to Cheselbourne on one of his father's estates. The family register of the baptisms of his chldren was preserved and brought to America.
    He married (first) Alice, daughter of John Gulley, of North Over, parish of Tolpuddle, near Cheselbourne.
    Children of first wife:
    1. Thomasine.
    2. Joanna, baptized Nov. 30, 1577.
    3. Margery, baptized Aug. 30, 1581.
    4. Robert, baptized 1583.
    5. John, born 1585.
    6. William, born June 24, 1587; mentioned below.
    7. Elizabeth, born 1596.
    8. Thomas, baptized April 18, 1599, settled in Watertown, Mass. as early as 1640.
    9. Eleanor, baptized July 31, 1606.
  17. William Arnold, son of Thomas Arnold, was born June 24, 1587, and was the immigrant ancestor. He resided in Cheselbourne, and Nov. 23, 1616, was appointed administrator of the estate of his brother John. In 1635 he removed with his family from Dorsetshire to New England. He lived a short time in Hingham, Mass., where he became associated with Roger Williams and others in the purchase of land in Rhode Island, and he received large tracts of land in Providence, Pawtucket and Warwick. He was a leadin man of the colony and held various offices of trust. He married Christian _____. The last mention of him is on March 9, 1658-59, when it states that he was lately robbed of property in Pawtucket by the Indians. He probably died soon after.
    1. Elizabeth, born Nov. 23, 1611.
    2. Benedict, Dec. 3, 1615.
    3. Joanna, Feb. 27, 1617.
    4. Stephen, mentioned below.
  18. Stephen Arnold, son of William Arnold, was born Dec. 22, 1622, in England, and came with his father to America. After residing some time at Providence he removed to Pawtuxet, where he had a large estate, a part of which he divided among his sons in his lifetime. He was prominent in public affairs, and filled important positions in the colony. He was deputy governor in 1664, and assistant in 1667.
    He died Nov. 15, 1699. His will was dated June 2, 1698, proved Dec. 12, 1699.
    He married, Nov. 24, 1646, Sarah, daughter of Edward Smith, of Rehoboth.
    1. Esther, born Sept. 22, 1647.
    2. Israel, Oct. 30, 1649.
    3. Stephen, Nov. 27, 1654; mentioned below.
    4. Elizabeth, Nov. 2, 1659; died June 5, 1728.
    5. Elisha, Feb. 18, 1662.
    6. Sarah, Jan. 26, 1665.
    7. Phebe, Nov. 9, 1671.
  19. Stephen Arnold, son of Stephen Arnold, was born Nov. 27, 1654. He received from his father the north third of the Coweset purchase. He was deputy in 1704-06-19. He died March 1, 1720. He married, Jan. 12, 1688, Mary Sheldon, who died April 28, 1735, daughter of John and Joan (Vincent) Sheldon.
    His will was dated April 18, 1717, proved March 26, 1720. His widow Mary made her will March 31, 1726, and it was proved June 2, 1735. Children:
    1. Stephen, died Nov. 24, 1716; his son Stephen died March 16, 1736.
    2. Philip, born Feb. 12, 1693; married Susanna, daughter of Captain Benjamin Green.
    3. Edward, mentioned below.
    4. Phebe, born March 5, 1695; married _____Potter.
    5. Mary, born dec. 12, 1696, married _____ Rhodes.
    6. Sarah, married _____ Carpenter.
    7. Penelope, born 1701.
    8. Larana, born 1703.
  20. Captain Edward Arnold, son of Stephen Arnold, was born about 1694-97, in Providence probably. He settled in the adjacent town of Cranston, Rhode Island. The records are defective and the names of his children are not given. He had:
    1. Stephen, mentioned below.
    2. Oliver (?) was at Warwick with Stephen; married Mary ____, and had at Warwick: Lucy, born July 24, 1757. 2. Mary Almy, born Nov. 7, 1762. 3. Freelove, born Jan. 23, 1765; probably others after he left Warwick; (Oliver Arnold came shortly afterward Stephen Arnold to Clarendon, Vermont, and according to the census of 1790 had three males over sixteen, four under that age and five females in his family.) Probably other children.
  21. Stephen Arnold, son of Captain Edward Arnold, was born about 1730-35 at Cranston, R.I., or vicinity. The marriage records at Warwick give his father's name as Captain Edward of Cranston. Stephen was married by Ebenezer Slocum to Rhoda, daughter of Captain Randall Rice, of Warwick, Nov. 4, 1758. Randall Rice was one of the first settlers of Clarandon, Rutland county, Vermont. Elisha Williams, Samuel Place, Elkanah Cook and Benjamin Johnson, all from the same section in R.I. or CT., came in 1768, cleared their farms and returned in the winter to bring their families. They made the final settlement in the spring of 1769.

    Stephen Arnold came with his father-in-law or soon afterward in 1769. They settled in the north part of the town, then known as Socialborough. Oliver Arnold followed soon afterward and settled near Stephen. Stephen and Oliver were the only heads of families of the name in Clarendon in the first census of 1790, and we find in Stephen's family two males over sixteen, one under that age and five females. The Clark family into which the Arnolds married settled in Clarendon and the adjoining town of Wallingford, Vermont. Edmund Clark was of Wallingford.

    Stephen Arnold was a soldier in the revolution from Clarendon, in Captain Ichabod Robinson's company in 1780. Oliver and John Arnold were in the same company. (See p. 120 Child's Gazetteer of Rutland County). (Vermont Revolutionary Rolls). Stephen Arnold was the first town clerk of Clarendon, 1778-79.
  22. John Arnold, son of Stephen Arnold, was born about 1760, probably in Warwick, R.I., or vicinity and came with his parents to Vermont in 1769. He was a soldier in the revolution from Clarendon as stated above; also a private in Lieutenant David Power's company, Major Ebenezer Allen's regiment, August-November 1780. He was in the adjoining town of Wallingford in 1790, when the census shows he had a son under sixteen and three females in his family.
  23. Stephen Arnold, son (or nephew) of John Arnold, was born about 1785-90 in Clarendon or Wallingford, Vermont. Stephen Arnold Douglas, the famous American statesman, was of the same Arnold stock, being a grandnephew of the Stephen Arnold above referred to.
    He married, in Wallingford, or vicinity, Amelia, daughter of Edmund Clark. Edmund Clark, her father or grandfather, was in Lieutenant Abraham Ive's company, Colonel Gideon Warrens' regiment in 1778 and was corporal in Captain Ive's company, Colonel Ebenezer Allen's regiment in 1780. Goodman, Chauncey, Timothy, John and Stephen Clark were in the same company. Edmund was also in Captain Abraham Jackson's company. Colonel Thomas Lee's regiment in 1781.
    The Clarks came from Connecticut. Soon after Arnold's marriage he removed to Peru, New York, where for a short time he worked in a general store. He bought a farm located a mile and a half from the village of Peru and followed farning the remainder of his life. He was but forty-two years old when he died. His wife's father was also a pioneer in Peru. She died at the age of fifty.
    1. William.
    2. John F., mentioned below.
    3. Thomas Jefferson, died unmarried.
    4. Joel Clark.
    5. Alzina, married Solomon Perigo.
    6. Betsey, married John B. Carr.
  24. John F. Arnold, son of Stephen Arnold, was born in Peru, N.Y., May 15, 1815, died there Jan. 14, 1860. He was educated in the public schools, and worked on the farm until 1847, when he bought a farm and began work on his own account in Peru. He continued on this place until his death, and was a well-known and highly respected citizen. He was commissioner of highways; justice of the peace ten years; assessor for two terms.
    In politics he was a Republican in later years. In religion he was a Methodist.
    He married Thusa Button, born in Peru, died in 1893, aged seventy-four years, in Plattsburgh, N.Y., daughter of Gardner and Lydia (Ellis) Button. Her father came from Clarendon, Vermont, and settled in Peru, afterward moving to western New York. The Ellis family came from Rhode Island.
    Children, born in Peru:
    1. Mary Jane, died in 1862.
    2. Elisha Stephen, mentioned below.
    3. Theresa B., born July 16, 1845; married Charles Ackley, of Peru. Children: Mary J., married to J. D. Gove, and had Helen Gove; Horace C. Ackley.
    4. Gardner B., born 1847; married Nellie Leggett; has no children.
    5, Lydia E., born 1850, unmarried.
    6. John F., born 1852, married Fanny Meigs, children: Carlos M., married Elizabeth Scribner; Ellis C., Clifford A.; John Fletcher.
    7. Sarah E., born 1853; married O. K. Smith, of Peru.
  25. Elisha Stephen Arnold, son of John F. Arnold, born in Peru, Clinton county, New York, Oct. 17, 1843. His early days were spent in his native place, where he received a common school education. In 1859 he left home and engaged in the plumbing, tinsmith and hardware business in the village of Peru. In 1876 he formed a partnership with Andrew Morgan under the firm name Arnold & Morgan in the same line of business, and continued with uniform success until 1892, when on account of ill health he sold olut, and retired. He had taken over the Peru cheese factory in which he had been a considerable stockholder; and which had not been successful. He took into partnership a Mr. Boomhower and conducted the business from 1882 to 1896. In 1896 Mr. Arnold and Datus Clark became the owners of the plant, remodeled and refitted it, and continued to operate it in partnership until 1904, when Mr. Arnold became the sole owner. He has achieved great success in this and other business ventures of late years. He purchased the creamery at Lapham's Corner, and that at Harkness in the town of Peru, and in 1905 built another creamery at Disco and another at Goodrich Mills in the town of Black Brook. All of these creameries are doing a large and profitable business. He is active in public affairs and of large and wholesome influence in the community in which he has spent all s active years. He was town clerk for nine years; supervisor four years. He is a prominent Republican. He was made a Mason of Peru Lodge, No. 281, and was for many years its secretary; since that lodge has been closed he has affiliated with Plattsburgh Lodge, No. 828, and has been its secretary for three years. He is an active member of Peru Grange, Patrons of Husbandry. During the Champlain Tercentenary, celebrated in 1909, he was on many important committees and sub-committees and secretary and treasurer of a number of them. He devoted much time and was largely responsible for the grand display made by the grange at this celebration. Mr. Arnold removed from Peru to Plattsburgh, where he has mad his home sicne 1898. In religion he is a Methodist.
    Mr. Arnold married (first) Sept. 1, 1875, in Plattsburgh, Martha Straight, born 1845, died Feb. 1901.
    Children, born in Peru:
    1. Edith S., June 1, 1876.
    2. Fred, August 2, 1878; married Ethel Leek, of Long Island, N.Y.: child, Joseph Stephen, born Sept. 1908.
    3. John C., June 2, 1880; married May 4, 1910, Margaret M. Killary, of Burlington, Vermont.
    4. Elizabeth B., August 1, 1882.
    5. Mary B., June 4, 1884; married June 29, 1910, Ralph N. Grover, of New York City.
    Mr. Arnold married (second) Nov. 16, 1909, Elizabeth Smith of Rochester, N.Y., daughter of George and Maria Smith, both natives of England.